Genesis Project

Artists-in-resident: Liz Atkin, Brooke Smiley, Alison O’Daniel, Cesar Garcia and
Cheryl Banks-Smith

August 3-30, 2008

Directed by Hana van der Kolk and Arturo Vidich

Sea and Space Exploration
4755 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90042

Public Events:
Non-Spectator Workshops
August 15, 2008
8pm to 10pm

Roundtable discussion and closing reception
August 28, 2008
7:30pm to 10pm

Courtesy Hana van der Kolk, 2008

In 2008, ART2102 continues to collaborate with new generations of alternative spaces and projects in Los Angeles by providing a non-institutional structure and framework to support their initiatives. ART2102 has been extending its status as a non-profit and beneficiary of grants to several of these smaller experimental spaces, while generating and increasing their exposure through ART2102's communication networks and support systems. It is an effort which aims to expand ART2102's activities beyond the more traditional forms of exhibition and other curatorial projects. More about the 2008 Program.


Genesis Project, Los Angeles is a collaborative artist residency, located at Sea and Space gallery for its inaugural year, catering to those whose practices’ exist between disciplines and work with and through the body. Modeled after Genesis, Dublin, Ireland, the concept for the project began in 2004 when dance artists Julie Lockett and Ella Clarke, in conversation with Deborah Hay, the seminal post-modern choreographer, asked the simple question, “As an artist, what do I need?”

Using that question as a point of departure and Deborah Hay’s own rigorous, full-bodied daily practice, the structure of Genesis Project, Los Angeles largely focuses on providing an environment where creativity is formalized through a process of investigation and inquiry, rather than a focus on final products/objects/performances/installations.

The project aims to heighten productivity of the group at work while also sharpening the potency of each artist’s daily practice. The residents are each provided studio space for three hours a day, five to six days a week, where they engage in daily autonomous practice for the duration of the project. Artist’s participating in the residency this year have diverse practices which include the examination of the surface of skin in combination with repetitive behavior and flatbed scanners; non-expressive masks and movement impulses as means for physical transformation; and reinterpretations of traditional Mexican folk dances. 

The artists-in-residence for 2008 are Liz Atkin, Cesar Garcia, Alison O’Daniel, Brooke Smiley and Cheryl Banks-Smith. 

Public Events

Non-Spectator Workshops
August 15, 2008
8pm – 10pm

Presenting four workshops developed and led by artists, to explore different methodologies for working with and through the body for creative exploration/production.

#1: Experience movement practice influenced by Deborah Hay’s paradoxical performance meditations such as “What if every cell in my body has the potential to perceive the uniqueness and originality of time and space?” Led by Hana van der Kolk.

#2: Work in dyads with physical approaches to examining identity, fantasy, fetish, the other, intimacy, and “border crossing,” as devised by Guillermo Gomez-Pena/La Pocha Nostra and led by Hana van der Kolk. 

#3: A workshop in balance and awareness activities combined for practical lessons in stalking and conflict. Led by Joel Kyack.

#4: Drawn from Afro-diasporic movement traditions to facilitate a corporeal/exploratory experience to and through your inner-boogie-wonderland. d.  Sabela grimes facilitates a funk-filled movement session that seeks to bring each participant in tune with the healing properties related to Black social dance forms. 

Roundtable Discussion and Closing Reception
August 28, 2008
7:30pm – 10pm

Join the Genesis artists’ in discussing their experiences from the month-long residency and its focus on movement-based methodologies. The conversation will also address the gaps between various movement- and body-based practices in contemporary practice.

Participants include Genesis Project artists-in-residence, Genesis board members Adam Overton, Rae Shaolan Blum, Esther Baker-Tarpaga, Carol McDowell, Flora Weigmann, Christine Suarez, Robby Herbst, and Ron Milam, artist Emily Mast, Lara Bank (Sea and Space), Jan Williamson (18th Street Arts Center), and more.

For more information on the project, artist-in-residence and public events, visit Genesis Project, Los Angeles.


Hana van der Kolk, Project Director
Hana van der Kolk is a Los Angeles-based artist. Her choreographic projects combine elements of conceptual practice with the techniques of postmodern choreography and take place in a wide range of sites, including the stage, in studios and galleries, in writing, on film, and in outdoor public spaces. She is highly influenced by her long-time engagement with the work of Deborah Hay, whose work she has been learning and adapting since 2000. Hay’s methods for rigorous daily practice deeply shape Hana’s work as an artist and inspire her as a teacher and director of Genesis Project.  Hana holds an MFA in choreography from UCLA.

Arturo Vidich, Associate Director
Arturo Vidich is an inter-disciplinary artist from New York City. His approach to experimental performance uses technology and movement to identify and reflect upon the way we process information through the senses. He is interested in treating the performer's body and sculptural materials as interchangeable objects, and in the possibilities that emerge out of resistance and limitation. Arturo is a Movement Research Artist-in-Residence 2008-2009 and participated in Genesis Project, Dublin where he was the first Red Stables International Artist-in-Residence in 2007.

Joel Kyack
Born in a cave and raised by wolves, Joel Kyack has recently received his MFA from the University of Southern California and will be participating in this year's California Biennial.

d. Sabela Grimes
In addition to performing internationally as a vocalist, dancer, actor and poet, Sabela also works in the music, film and television industry as a creative contributor and dance/movement specialist. He is interested in the physical and meta-physical efficacy of Black dance practices and his workshops celebrate the history, traditions and spiritual elements of African-American social dance. Sabela is a recent graduate of UCLA's World Arts and Culture MFA program.

This exhibition is made possible in part by the generous support of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

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